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Deploy a hotspot with Mist APs.
Deploy a hotspot with Mist APs.

Learn to deploy spotipo hotspot on mist networks

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Mist networks do not support setting Data or Speed limits on Guest portals. Only time limits are supported. Also since there is no accounting data support from Mist, spotipo can not display these.

Add a Mist Site

If not already done, please create a Site with Mist as the WiFi router. Please see

this article is on how to create a site.

Get the Portal URL from Spotipo

Navigate to Settings -> Mist on your Mist site and copy the URL from Spotipo.

Update Mist WLAN with Spotipo Portal

Login to your Mist dashboard and navigate to Site -> WLANs. Here select the WLAN you like enable hotspot or add a new one.

Under the Guest Portal section

  • Choose Forward to the external portal

  • Add under allowed hostnames

  • Remember to un-select "Bypass guest/external portal in case of exception"

Save the configuration and Mist will generate an API secret automatically.

Now open the configuration again by clicking on the WLAN and copy the API secret.

Go back to the Spotipo dashboard and update this API secret

Voila!! Now wait for few minutes and connect to the network you just created, it should send you to the landing page.

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