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How to add a site to Spotipo?
How to add a site to Spotipo?

Learn to add a site to spotipo.

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If you like to deploy Guest WiFi at a location, you would first need to create a site in Spotipo.

First click on the Go to Sites button on top right corner.

And choose to Create New Location

Details about the location

Enter details about the location where Guest WiFi will be deployed,

  • Location Name: to identify the site ( * mandatory )

  • Website: If the venue has a website ( *optional)

  • Type: What kind of venue this is

WiFi hardware.

In the next step, select the hardware you will use at this location.

Guest WiFi type

Select the kind of Guest WiFi the location will have. This can be changed at later point in time.

Update Splash page

A splash page is what the Guests will see when they connect to your WiFi. If you have a logo and background ready, you can update that in the next stage.

If not skip the upload, and later you would be able to do it from the splash page tab.

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