Add a Site

Add a new site by clicking on the Add New Site button in the drop down menu on top right.

Select site type as Zyxel Nebula, enter a name to identify and Save.

Get AP MAC addresses from Nebula

Login to Nebula cloud and navigate to Access points tab. Note down the MAC address of all your APs. You can also export the APs as a CSV file and export to Spotipo.

Add Zyxel APs to Spotipo

Navigate to Zyxel Aps tab on the left and using the "New AP" button enter details of your APs. You can also upload CSV file exported from Zyxel Nebula Dashbord.

After adding, spotipo will generate NAS identity and Radius Secret. Please note it down.

Configure SSID Authentication in Nebula Cloud

Navigate to SSID overview in Nebula Cloud. And press the Edit button in authentication section

  • Select Sign in method as Sign On With My Radius Server

  • Use and as IP of first and second radius servers respectively

  • Use 1812 as the port number and use the secret generated in the previous step

  • Configure NAS identifier with value created in previous step.

  • Enable account and fill the radius server values as and

  • Use 1813 as port number

Configure Walled Garden

Enable Walled garden range and enter below values

Enable Guest Network

In the SSID overview page, enable Guest Network Setting. Remember to press Save.

Configure Captive Portal Settings

Navigate to Captive Portal Settings page in Nebula cloud.

  • Enable use URL in External Portal Setting

Save and test

Save the settings and wait few minutes for it to be active. After that try to connect a device to Guest SSID and you should be seeing the splash page.

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