Below steps shows the installation process for Spotipo PRO. Similar versions can be installed following same procedure and by changing the download URL.

To install Spotipo you will need to have an Ubutntu/Debian server with at least 2GB RAM. We recommend Digital Ocean or Vulture as the provider.

Follow the instructions by your server provider to provision an Ubuntu/Debian server, we recommend Ubuntu 16.04 x64 as the OS. Once its ready, connect to the server using your favorite SSH tool. You can follow this guide on SSH.

After logging in, download the .deb file from your license email or from the website.


Once the file is downloaded, install the deb file using below command

sudo dpkg -i spotipo_latest-pro_xxxx.deb
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -f

Example image

If not already installed, installer will try to install a MySQL server automatically .

When prompted, set a password for MySQL server. Be sure to remember it as it will be needed in next steps.

Make sure your MySQL password doesn’t contain special charectors, otherwise installation will fail.


In next step, spotipo will be configured. Keep everything in default except for MySQL password.

spotipo_config_hostname spotipo_config_mysql_password spotipo_config_dbname

Once the installation is successful, you should be able to see the Spotipo login when by typing your server’s IP into your browser.


Use the following as default credentials to login, be sure to change them after logging in.

After logging in configure Unifi controller settings if you are planning to use UBNT AP. If not skip this step. spotipo_unifi_controller_config

Before being able to use PRO/Enterprise, you need to update the license key.

You must have received it along with download URL.

Apply it by going to Manage -> General Settings