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Integrate Brevo with Spotipo
Integrate Brevo with Spotipo

Learn to automatically export Guests from Spotipo to

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Brevo is the most approachable CRM to cultivate lasting customer relationships across Email, SMS, Chat and more.

In this guide you will learn to connect Spotipo with your Brevo account to automatically export Guest data as they login to wifi.

To get started, copy the API key and List ID from your Brevo Account.

Gather API Key from Brevo

Get the List ID from Brevo

  1. Navigate to Lists: In your Brevo dashboard, navigate to the “Contacts” menu then go to the “Lists” section. This is where you manage your email lists.

  2. ID Column : Once you’re in the list page, you should be able to find the List ID. Chek the ID column of the specific list for which you want to find the ID. It will look like “#X", In this case, “X” would be the List ID.

  3. Copy List ID: Copy the List ID for the list you’re interested in.

Enable "Webhooks" in Spotipo

  • Login to Spotipo and navigate to the site you want to enable Brevo integration on.

  • Navigate to Settings -> Integrations

  • Enable the Webhooks integration

Configure Webhooks

Next step would be to configure Webhooks to send data to Brevo.

  • Use as webhook URL

  • Add a custom field with key api-key and enter the API key from Brevo as value

  • Add a custom field with Key Content-Type and value as application/json

  • Select Trigger only on first time guest is connected

  • Enable the Custom template and use the below content. Remember to replace <LIST_ID> with the listID from Brevo

    "listIds": [
    "updateEnabled": false,
    "email": "{{fields['Email']}}",
    "attributes": { "FIRSTNAME": "{{fields['Firstname']}}", "LASTNAME": "{{fields['Lastname']}}"}

Now wait as new guests logs in, they will be automatically send to your Brevo list.

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