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How to Enable Email Verification for Guests?
How to Enable Email Verification for Guests?

Spotipo allow verifying a Guest's Email by sending them an Email and asking them to click on a verification link.

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Guest WiFi is a great way to capture email addresses from customers. However, it comes with a few restrictions. Namely, people might mistype their emails or provide fake emails.

To thoroughly verify if an email belongs to a Guest, Spotipo has an Email verification feature available on "Email Logins."

Enable it from Settings -> Email ( this option will be only available if you have Email Login enabled)

Grace Period - Duration Guests will have access to the internet without verifying their Email. After this time, they will need to sign in again.

Once enabled, Guests will see a message telling them they must check their email and verify their address.

If they don't, they will be shown the login page again and this process repeats until they verify.

Below is the format for the email that is sent to them.

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