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How to connect Klaviyo to Spotipo
How to connect Klaviyo to Spotipo

Learn to automatically grow your marketing audience Klaviyo with data captured from Guest WiFi

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Klaviyo is an ESP allowing you to create automated, hyper-targeted messages at scale—for faster, more efficient growth.

By connecting your spotipo site with Klaviyo, you can automatically grow your audience with data collected from Guest WiFi and trigger emails as and when Guests connect, etc.

Follow the below steps to connect Klaviyo with your Guest WiFi.

Klaviyo API Key

Login to your Klaviyo account and navigate to Settings -> Account -> API Keys, and press Create Private API Key button

Name your Key as Spotipo Integration, select the access level to Full Access Key, and press create. Remember to copy the key and save it a safe location

Klaviyo List ID

Navigate to Lists & Segments on your Klaviyo account, and go to List Settings for the list you like to connect with Spotipo.

Under the List ID & Name section, you should find the list's ID.

Enable Klaviyo Integration

Navigate to Integrations under Settings

And click the Connect button next to Klaviyo.

On the next screen, please fill in the List ID and API Key you generated from your Klaviyo account.

And press Save.

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