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How can I add tax items to the invoice sent to guests
How can I add tax items to the invoice sent to guests

Understand how you can add additional items like VAT, GST etc to the invoice

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on using Spotipo to incorporate different tax items into your invoices. Our software offers a powerful solution that effortlessly includes various tax items, such as sales tax, value-added tax (VAT), or goods and services tax (GST), ensuring compliance with taxation regulations.

Configure Tax items for packages

While creating a package, use the Add Fields to Invoice option to add relevant tax fields. So that you know, these fields do not affect the price charged to Guests. The package Price is what's charged to Guests.

For example, if you want to charge 16$ for access and add VAT of 5$, and GST 4$ on top, set the package price to 25$

Update the Invoice Template to additional tax lines.

Navigate to Control Panel -> Branding -> Emails -> Invoice Email.

Click on the first invoice row, use the duplicate button, and make two duplicates ( since two lines are created on the package).

Change the value of the first item's price to {{price_minus_tax}}

And add additional lines with a label {{taxes[0]['title']}} and price {{taxes[0]['value']}}

Please repeat that for the number of tax lines you have on the package.

Finally save the template.

After that, Guests will be sent invoices with tax items properly set.

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