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How to configure UDM (PRO/SE) with Spotipo with new UI
How to configure UDM (PRO/SE) with Spotipo with new UI

Learn to deploy n external hotspot using Spotipo on your UDM (PRO/SE)

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For Spotipo to work as an external portal for your UDM, you would need a public IP for your location and make your UDM accessible over the internet. Please talk to us if you need help with this.

Add a New Admin to UDM Pro

  • It's recommended to add a dedicated Admin user for spotipo access. After logging into UDM, go to Admins tab and Add User

  • Now create a new user with Role Administrator and Account type as Local Access Only. Provide a username and password.

Enable Remote Access for your UDM

Navigate to Console Settings and enable Remote Access

Create Firewall rules to allow Spotipo Servers to access your UDM

Spotipo needs to talk to your UDM to authorize Guests, get stats, etc. So it's required that your UDM is connected to the internet and is accessible to Spotipo.

  • If your UDM is not connected directly to the internet, please add a port forwarding rule on the ISP router for port 443 and destination as your UDM's WAN IP

  • If you don't have a static public IP, please enable DDNS

Go to Settings > Firewall and Security

Under Firewall Rules, press Create New Rule

  • Select Type as Internet Local

  • Description as spotipo_allow

  • Action as Accept and IPv4 Protocol as All

  • Leave destination IP and port Group as Any

  • Create a New Port/IP group

Use Spotipo_servers as the group profile name and add the below IPs used by Spotipo Servers and save it

Finally save the Firewall rule and you should see something like below in your Firewall Rules

Connect Unifi UDM Pro to Spotipo Account

  • Now login to your spotipo dashboard and navigate to Unifi Controller tab, and press the edit button

  • Select the controller type as UDM Pro.

  • Ensure all the points mentioned in the checkbox have been performed already.

  • Enter the IP of your UDM. If you don't have a static public IP, please configure DDNS and use that instead here

  • Provide the credentials for the local user you have created

  • Since UDM Pro has only a default site only, leave it as default.

  • Now select the SSID on which you want to enable Hotspot. Spotipo will configure Guest Policy for this SSID, press Save after selecting.

  • Verify that the controller is connected by returning to the Unifi controller tab, and the status shows "Online."


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