Spotipo on Ruckus Cloud

How to configure your Ruckus Cloud network to use Spotipo as a captive portal.

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RUCKUS Cloud is an AI-enabled network management-as-a-service platform that enables lean IT to deliver amazing user experiences while making it simple to manage a converged wired and wireless network.

To use Spotipo with your Ruckus Cloud network, start by creating a new Location on your Spotipo Dashboard

In the next screen select the type of location you want deploy the hotspot on.

And choose the Router type as Ruckus Cloud

Then proceed to select the type of Login you want in this location.

After the location is created, navigate to Settings -> Ruckus Cloud. Here note down the settings

Now Login to your Ruckus Cloud account and navigate to Wireless Networks.

Use the Add Network option to create a new network.

Choose Captive Portal as the network type here.

And Portal Type as 3rd Part Captive Portal ( WiSPr)

Select Other Provider as the Portal Provider. Copy and paste the Captive Portal URL from Spotipo's dashboard here.

Now copy the Integration Key from Ruckus Cloud and paste that into Spotipo's Settings.

Remember to disable MAC auth Bypass.

In the walled garden box, enter as an entry.

If you want to enable payment logins enter the below domains as well.

Under the authentication service, fill in the primary and secondary server with values from Spotipo's dashboard.

Enable accounting services and fill in the same primary and secondary servers. Click Next

In the next screen choose the venues where you want to enable the portal on and save the settings.

Wait for few minutes and then connect a device to the newly created network. You should be able to see the landing page from Spotipo.

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