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How to migrate a Meraki site to a new splash page?
How to migrate a Meraki site to a new splash page?

If you have created a Meraki site on Spotipo before 19th Feb2023, read this to update your Meraki site integration.

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We have improved the Merkai integration to work without importing all Access Point details into Spotipo.

These access point details were used to identify which splash page was to be shown to the Guest. I have improved it to generate a unique URL per location, so you no longer need to add your AP details in Spotipo.

Existing sites will work as it is. However, you won't be able to add/remove an AP from Spotipo dashboard.

How to migrate a site to the new integration?

Login to your Spotipo account and navigate to your site. Go to Settings -> Meraki Aps and copy your new Splash URL.


Now go to your Meraki dashboard and navigate to Wireless -> Splashpage. Please choose the correct SSID and configure "Custom Splash URL" with the value from Spotipo.


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