Airship( ) is a CRM for the hospitality sector. Connecting Spotipo with Airship allows you to automatically export Guest data.

Configuring automatic data export to Airship

Go to the location you want to configure data export for by clicking on the drop-down menu in the top right corner.

Once in the location, go to Settings->Integrations and Click Connect

Get Account ID And Access Token from Airship

In order to set up the integration, you will need the following details from Airship;

Enter both values in Spotipo and click CONNECT TO AIRSHIP

Select The Unit in Airship

In the next screen, configure the Unit which needs to be associated with the Spotipo site.

Advanced Configurations

Next screen you can configure.

  • Whether to export all Guests or only consented Guests to Airship

  • Whether to push a guest only the first time or every time he/she connects

  • What Groups are to be associated with a Guest

  • Rules to enable

Optional UDF mapping

You can optionally configure to map additional data collected in Spotipo into User Defined Fields in Airship. head over to the FIELD MAPPING tab to configure it.

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