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Configure Meraki Go with spotipo
Configure Meraki Go with spotipo

Learn to deploy a spotipo hotspot with Meraki go devices

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Add a Meraki Go Site in Spotipo

Each location is represented by a Site. A site can have multiple routers (of the same type)

Go to Site Selector and use Create A New location button. Select the device type as Meraki Go

Get Config Details from Spotipo

After adding the site navigate to Settings -> Meraki Go and copy the splash page URL

Configure Meraki Go network via the mobile application

Open the Meraki Go application on your phone and navigate to the network you want to enable Hotspot on.

Click Settings

Select Landing Page and set the Landing page type as Externally Hosted

Configure External Splash Page on Meraki Go

Click on the Externally hosted option and edit the website. Enter the Splash Page URL from spotipo here.

Configure Walled Garden

Select the walled garden and enter as an entry.

If you want to enable payment logins enter below domains as well.

Configure Timeout Frequency

Set the timeout frequency as Every Ninety days

Wait for few minutes and connect a Guest device to the newly created SSID and you should be able to see the configured landing page.

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