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How to export WiFi Guest data to iContact
How to export WiFi Guest data to iContact

Learn how to automatically build your iContact mailing list using Spotipo.

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Enable Spotipo Integration on you iContact account

Login to your iContact dashboard and then navigate to

Here enter df14e4deec9051988f07494eb15d79a0 as the application ID and create a password. Now save the form.

You should be able to see Spotipo Integration is now added to your account.

Get account Id and client folder Id from iContact

In same page, please scroll down a bit and note down the account ID and Client Folder ID

Enable iContact Integration in Spotipo.

Login to your Spotipo dashboard, navigate to Integrations.

Please enter below details, when asked, and press Load List IDs,

  • API Username : the username you use to login to iContact Dashboard

  • API Password: Password created in Step1

  • API Account ID: Account ID from iContact dashboard

  • Client Folder ID: Client folder ID from iContact dashboard

From the dropdown select the list where Guest details should be exported to. and press Save.

Wait and Watch

Spotipo will now export all new Guests into this list automatically as they log in.

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