Add a New Admin to UDM Pro

  • It's recommended to add a dedicated Admin user for spotipo access. After logging to UDM Pro, select the  Users  option.
  • Now create a new local admin, with local access only.
  • After creating the Admin, use the edit option and enable Unifi controller in resources.

Enable WAN access for Spotipo Servers

Go to Settings > Routing & Firewall > Firewall > WAN LOCAL in your Unifi controller interface

Click on Add a new rule, and use below settings

  • Action: Accept
  • IPv4 Protocol: TCP
  • Rule Applied: Before pre-defined rules

  • Destination : Create a new port group with 443 port

Enable Hotspot Settings to use Spotipo 

Navigate to Hotspot tab on your unifi controller and use below settings

  • External Portal server IP
  • Redirect hostname: 
  • Pre authorization access: IP

Connect Unifi UDM Pro to Spotipo Account
Now login to your spotipo dashboard and navigate to Unifi tab. Enter the details of your UDM Pro.

Enable Guest Policy And test it out

Now enable Guest Policy on the WiFi Network of your choice and test out the portal by connecting a device

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