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How to provide Clients access to their site?
How to provide Clients access to their site?
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This feature is available only on MSP(Plus and Premium only) and Operator Plans(Premium only).

Client login allows you to let your customers login to spotipo and access the sites that they own.

This lets them easily see site analytics and download and manage Guest Data.

How to Add a Client Account

Go to Control Panel -> Clients tab and use the Add New button to create a new client account.

Alternately, a client can also be added from Settings->Client Access.

Fill in the details like email, Name and Password.

After creating a client account, you can send an invitation email to client's email. This way they will be easily be able to change the password on their own

Following email will be sent.

Assign Access levels to Clients

Once a client account is created, you will need to configure which sites he will be able to access, and the access levels.

Go to the corresponding site(Location) using the drop down on top right corner.

And navigate to Settings -> Client Access

From the dropdown menu, Select the client created in previous steps.

This window also helps us to specify the access level he/she will have. Use the slider to modify allowed access.

Now the client will be able to login and view the details of this particular site.

You can add more clients to this site or more sites to the same client.

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