Create an Adwords campaign

Login to Adwords account and create a campaign if you dont have one already.

Give basic details for the new campaign

Design your advertisement that is to be displayed to users on google search/display networks

Define your budget. You can set average daily / maximum monthly spending on this campaign.

Setup your payment method and finish campaign creation.

Create an audience list

If you have not already enabled expert mode, do it now.

Switching to expert mode may take a few minutes. Complete tool list will be available only after that.

Now go to Tools-> Audience manager

Click the + icon to create a new list

Give the required values and complete the list creation process.

Collect Global site tag

In the audience manager go to Audience sources.
Click Edit sources on Google ads tag.

You need to copy only Adwords id from the Global site tag in order to configure in Spotipo. You may need to note down complete Global site tag code if you need to configure in your own website.

Configure Adwords id in Spotipo

Go to Campaigns->Retarget in Spotipo site dashboard and configure Adwords id.

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