This feature is available only on Plus or Premium Social/MSP plans.

Automated campaigns allow you to engage your guests with ease. Send them today's offer when they connect o bring them back by offering a voucher when they haven't visited for a while.

Create a Campaign

Navigate to Email Campaigns tab in your site.

Use the Add New Campaign button and begin configuration.

Optionally Choose a Template

There are many in-built templates which are available, or you could create a new custom template.

Configure Campaign

  • Subject - Subject line for the email send to Guest

  • Edit contents of the email - modify logos, Fonts, text on the email.

Configure When Campaign will be triggered

Next configure when the campaign will be triggered. Following are the options available.

  • Connect : will be triggered x minutes/hours/days after guest connects. The value is configurable.

  • Disconnect : will be triggered x minutes/hours/days after guest disconnects. The value is configurable.

  • Inactive : A device is inactive for a configurable amount of time (minutes/hours/days).

Name the campaign

Provide a name for the campaign.

Advanced Settings

Optionally configure a future date for sending the email and the frequency of the emails.

Click on Launch campaign to save the settings.

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