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How to export WiFi Guest data automatically to Mailrelay
How to export WiFi Guest data automatically to Mailrelay

Learn how to export guest data automatically

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Integrations are available only for Plus/Premium subscription plans.

Configuring automatic data export to mailrelay

Go to the Location you want to configure data export for by clicking on the drop down menu in top right corner.

Once in the location, go to Integrations by clicking the tab on left, and click on MailRelay->Connect

Enter the details in the configuration window which is displayed.

You can optionally enable sending custom data to be sent to mailrelay

Don’t forget to Save the settings and click Finish once you are done.

Mail Relay Address

Provide your Control panel address of Mail relay. This will be

Group IDs

Groups to which you want new subscribers to be added. Find group id by going to Mail relay Subscribers-> Groups in the dropdown menu.

Create a new group if you want and give its ID in Spotipo. You can provide multiple group ids separated by a comma in Spotipo.


You can generate an API key by going to Settings->API keys and adding a new key.

Custom data

Spotipo supports sending custom data to mail relay.

Go to Settings->Custom fields in Mail relay control panel and create needed custom fields before enabling it on spotipo(Spotipo supports sending of phone number, DOB(date of birth), details and gender of guest to Mail relay).

In the data template, custom field data should match

“f_” :

For example if you have created a custom field ‘phone’ in Mail relay control panel and its id in Mailrelay control panel is 2, corresponding key: value pair in template should be:


If you want to send a few fields and don't want to send others, remove unwanted key: value pairs from default data template like below:


Once all the configurations are saved, details of any new guest (Name, Email and custom data if custom data is enabled) will be auto uploaded to Mail relay.

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