Integrations are available only on Plus/Premium plans.

Configuring automatic data export to Mailchimp

Go to the Location you want to configure data export for by clicking on the drop down menu in top right corner.

Once in the location, go to Integrations by clicking the tab on left, and click on Mailchimp->Connect.

A window with all the configuration information for Mailchimp is displayed. Please enter all the relevant fields and save the configuration.

Server Prefix

This can be found as part of the URL seen when logged on to the Mailchimp dashboard.  For example in below case, server prefix is us13

List ID

Follow this mailchimp KB article to identify your List ID 


You can generate an API key by going to your Profile page in Mailchimp and by clicking Extras option.

Once all the configurations are saved, details of any new guest (Firstname,Lastname and Email) will be auto uploaded to Mailchimp.

Segment ID (optional)

A segment is a section of your list that includes only those subscribers who share specific common field information, for example subscribers created on the same date or having a common location.

The segment ID can be found by going to the Segments section of the Mailchimp dashboard address. the URL provides the segment ID at the end in the below format:

In this case the segment ID is 1862442.

Once all the fields are entered, the guests information is automatically transferred to Mailchimp and can be viewed from the dashboard.

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