This article helps you to monetize your guest WiFi by offering paid WiFi. You will need a router supported by Spotipo.

This feature is available only on the Operator login type.

Add stripe domains to walled garden/pre-authorize list

Stripe uses following domains to collect and validate credit cards. Please add them to walled garden/pre-authorized setting of your Router

Connect your stripe account

Go to the Site, and select the Splash_Page->Payments thumbnail.

Click on the Connect Stripe Account button,and connect to your existing account or create a new one.

Create Hotspot Packages

By default there is a Free 15 min package and a paid-1-day package created.

You can create other different packages by clicking on the Packages tab->Add package.

Provide all the necessary details and click on Save.

When Trial Package is selected, it means that the package is Free.

Testing it out

After creating the required packages, please go to Splash_Page tab on the left.

A preview of your current landing page will be shown; there is a button DEMO which helps to test out the Payment login flow without actually connecting a Guest to WiFi.

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