This article helps you to monetise your guest WiFi by offering paid WiFi. You will need a router supported by spotipo.

This feature is available only on the Engage and Provider plans.

Add stripe domains to walled garden/pre-authorize list

Stripe uses following domains to collect and validate credit cards. Please add them to walled garden/pre-authorized setting of your Router

Sign up for Stripe Account

Go to Strip website and register for an account. Complete the registration and verification procedure.

Now get the stripe secret key under API Keys tab

Enable Payment Login

Go the Site, and select the Settings Tab. Navigate to Authentication section and select the payment login option. Remember to press Finish

Now press the Config button to configure payment login. Select the Gateway tab and choose Stripe as gateway.

Enter the stripe Secret key and Public key generated in previous step.

Create Hotspot Packages

You can create different packages by going to Payment -> Packages on left menu.

Testing it out

After creating the required packages, please go to Landingpage tab on the left. A preview of your current landing page will be shown, you could customize logo, color scheme etc in this.

There is a DEMO button as well, it allows you to test out the Guest login flow without actually connecting a Guest to WiFi.

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