This article helps you configure your guest WiFi to let Guests login using Facebook. You will need a router supported by spotipo.

Signup for Spotipo Cloud Hotspot

If not done already, sign up and create your Spotipo cloud account.

Pre-Authorize facebook IPs

Guest must be able to access Facebook without logging in for FB login to work.

Please add following IPs to the Pre-Authorized list/Walled Garden

Enable Facebook Login

Login to your Spotipo Dashboard, and navigate to Settings tab on the left.

In the Settings wizard, go to Authentication tab and Enable Facebook Login checkbox, press Finish to save the settings.

Try out Facebook Login

Spotipo has a bult-in demo mode, that allows you to view the login process of a Guest without the need to connect to WiFI. To see that, please go to Landingpage tab on the left and use the DEMO button.

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