Add a Site

Add a new site by clicking on the Add New Site button in the drop down menu on top right.

Select site type as IgniteNet and configure the correct timezone and Save.

Add IgniteNet site to spotipo

Navigate to IgniteNet APs tab and use the add button.

Once an AP is added, note down RADIUS Server shared secret and NAS ID

Configure Hotspot in IgniteNet cloud controller

Login to your IgniteNet cloud account and navigate to WiFi Access.

Use Edit option to edit the SSID you like to enable Hotspot on.

Scroll down to Network Settings and change behaviour to Hotspot Controlled.

Now toggle Hotspot Enabled to active and select mode as external captive portal.

Radius configuration

Go further down and enable Radius Auth.

  • Enter as the radius server

  • Configure shared secret and NASID generated in previous setup.

  • Select PAP as authentication method

Captive portal configuration

  • Set captive portal URL to

  • Set Landing URL to

  • Set Captive portal secret to mysecret

  • Add to walled garden

  • If you plan to use Facebook/ other social media logins please add the IPs of those as well.

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