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How to enable spotipo cloud hotspot on Open Mesh APs
How to enable spotipo cloud hotspot on Open Mesh APs

Learn how to enable Open Mesh AP on Spotipo.

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Add an OpenMesh network in Spotipo

Login to Spotipo cloud portal and navigate to Openmesh Networks tab.

Create a new Network for configuring your OpenMesh network by clicking on New.

Once added, remember to note down the details created by Spotipo for your network.

Configure Open Mesh SSID

Login to CloudTrax version 4 by going to

Go to and pick an SSID of your choice.

In captive portal section, enable Splash Page as per details given below:

  • Enable Splash page

  • Disable bandwidth throttling

  • Fill in Splash page secret, NAS ID and Server secret from the details available in spotipo

  • Use as radius server address 1

Enable block unauthenticated users and add the following domains to walled garden.

Save and Wait

Remember to press Save so that all the settings will be saved in the cloud. Please wait for 1-2 minutes for those settings to be active on the AP.

If everything is configured properly, you should be able to see Spotipo landing page when connecting to Guest WiFi network.

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