Get MAC Address of Router

Find the MAC address of your AP by logging into Winbox and going to QuickSet.

Look for MAC address listed under Internet

Add Mikrotik AP to your Site

Login to spotipo cloud portal. Navigate to Mikrotik APs tab on the left

Here you need to add each and every Mikrotik AP that will be connected to this site. Use the New AP button.

Add the MAC address of your AP and the external IP of your Mikrotik AP ( required only if you want to have the ability to disconnect hotspot devices directly from spotipo dashboard)

Note down Identity and Secret

After adding, spotipo will generate an identity string and secret string. Note these down as it will be needed later.

Reset Mikrotik Configuration

I would recommend a system configuration reset by going to before starting the below steps.

Configure Mikrotik Radius Settings

Now login to Winbox and add as the radius server IP

Provide the secret that is just generated in spotipo as the radius secret. Change the radius timeout to 3000 and enable hotspot option.

Configure Mikrotik Identity

Change the identity by going to and use the identity string that just got generated in spotipo.

Delete WLAN1

Now delete wlan1 from bridge as it will be used for the hotspot.

Configure Hotspot

Go to and start the Hotspot Setup. Here select wlan1 as the interface and keep rest default.

Once the setup is finished, there will be a new server profile created. Double click on it and configure Login By as HTTP CHAP

Go to Radius tab and select Use Radius option. Make sure to enable accounting and set the interim update to 00:05:00

Configure Walled Garden

On the main Winbox interface, click New Terminal to open the Terminal Window.

Depending upon the login types you will be using copy paste below lines into the console. Make sure to run commands for all the login types

For All Login types

/ip hotspot walled-garden
add dst-host=*logme2wifi*

If you want to enable Facebook Login

/ip hotspot walled-garden
add dst-host=*facebook*
add dst-host=*fbcdn*
add dst-host=*akamai*

If you want to enable Payment Login

/ip hotspot walled-garden
add dst-host=*stripe*

Disable fast path

Unfortunately fast path doesn't go well with accounting. So if you plan to use data/speed limit in Mikrotik, please disable fastpath.

Configure Portal Pages

Now download index.html from this location. Upload the created login.html to your AP using upload button. Make sure that login.html is under hotspot folder.

If you have done all the steps correctly, you should be seeing spotipo landing page while connecting to WiFi. Please read through other documentations on configuring different login types as well.

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