We have stopped offering self hosted version. Hence this article is not usable unless you already had purchased a spotipo license. Please checkout our cloud offering instead.

Create a Client and corresponding site by following steps corresponding to your router before following this tutorial.

Instagram APIs has changed on first week of April 2019, all old versions of Spotipo will stop working because of that. Please make sure your instaleld version is 3.4.17 or newer

Assign a domain name to the spotipo server

Spotipo must be hosted on a server accessible via domain name.

Guest must be redirected to landing page using domain name (FQDN) not via IP address.

Pre-Authorize Instagram IPs

Guest must be able to access instagram without logging in for instagram-login to work.

Please add following domains to the Pre-Authorized list in Unifi controller


Create an instagram client

Go to https://www.instagram.com/developer/clients/manage/ and create a new client by providing relevant details

Redirect url is most relevant here. It must be


Note the trailing /

Collect client credentials

Note down the client id and client secret

You need to provide these two while configuring Instagram Login in Spotipo.

Enable Instagram Login in Spotipo

Go to Settings-> Authentication Methods and enable Instagram Login. Make sure to configure Instagram client_id and client_secret correctly.



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