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HTTP Endpint


Do replace SPOTPIPOSERVERNAME with your spotipo server IP/domain name and SPOTIPOSITEKEY with your siteke

POST Parameters


Example Request:

Create 2 Vouchers

Spotipo server is hosted on

curl -X POST --header "Content-Type:application/json" \--header "Authentication-Token:6f182dde-5e7d-4678-abfd-65524e1e0248"\ \--data '{ "duration_val": "10","duration_type": "2", "batchid": "4134", "notes": "Test Voucher", "number": "2", "bytes_t": "100", "duration_type": "3", "num_devices": "10", "speed_dl": "7300", "speed_ul": "21", "price": "11", "currency": "USD"}'

Example response

{  "data": {    "vouchers": [      "413442743",       "413424056"    ]  },   "msg": "Successfully added vouchers",   "status": 1}



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