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Create a backup of database

Spotipo uses MySQL as the DB server to store all its data in a database named spotipo.

mysqldump -uroot -p spotipo > spotipo.sqlCreate a backup of files

Backup following directories as well


You can also use the below script which will let you make a full backup in linux.

#!/bin/bash CONFFILE=/usr/share/nginx/spotipo/instance/config.py USERNAME=$(grep "SQLALCHEMY" $CONFFILE | sed -r 's/SQLALCHEMY_DATABASE_URI="mysql:\/\/(.+):(.+)@.+\/(.+)"/\1/' ) PASSWORD=$(grep "SQLALCHEMY" $CONFFILE | sed -r 's/SQLALCHEMY_DATABASE_URI="mysql:\/\/(.+):(.+)@.+\/(.+)"/\2/' ) DBNAME=$(grep "SQLALCHEMY" $CONFFILE | sed -r 's/SQLALCHEMY_DATABASE_URI="mysql:\/\/(.+):(.+)@.+\/(.+)"/\3/' ) now=$(date +"%m%d%Y") mysqldump -u$USERNAME -p$PASSWORD $DBNAME > spotipo_$now.sql tar -czvf uploads_$now.tar.gz /usr/share/nginx/spotipo/unifispot/static/uploads/ tar -czvf instance_$now.tar.gz /usr/share/nginx/spotipo/instance/ tar -czvf guesttemplates_$now.tar.gz /usr/share/nginx/spotipo/unifispot/templates/guest

Restoring from a backup

First step is to intstall a fresh copy of Spotipo on the new server. Make sure to install the same version of spotipo from which backup was created


Copy the contents of uploads folder into

Copy the contents of guest templates into /usr/share/nginx/spotipo/unifispot/templates/guest

Copy the contents of instance folder into /usr/share/nginx/spotipo/instance

Now restore the database using below command

mysql -u root -p SPOTIPODBNAME < spotipo.sql

After restoring the database, you should reinitialise migrations. Use below commands for the same.

mysql -u root -p -e "DROP TABLE spotipo.alembic_version;"

cd /usr/share/nginx/spotipo
rm -rf migrations
source .env/bin/activate
python manage.py db init
python manage.py db migrate
python manage.py db upgrade

Restart the application

sudo service supervisor restart

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