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Spotipo uses Radius protocol to communicate with all routers except Unifi. If you see an issue with Guests not getting internet, it could be because some issue with Radius communication. Some tips on debugging the Radius server.

Check if Radius Process is running

Run the following command in your Server SSH console

sudo ps -ef | grep -i radius

It should show an output like below if the radius process is running

No Radius Process

Run the radtest tool to check if radius server is active

Install the Freeradius utilities

sudo apt install freeradius-utils

Then try to authenticate with local server with below command

radtest test test localhost 10 dd

If everything is fine, you should see a Reject Message like below

If Radius server is not working, you should see something like below

Check the log file and see if any errors are seen

Log file is /usr/share/nginx/spotipo/logs/radiusd.log

sudo tail /usr/share/nginx/spotipo/logs/radiusd.log



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