Spotipo PRO/ENT has a number of advanced features compared to Free license. We offer a 15-day free trial for you to try it out, no strings attached.

If you are already using the Free license on your site and would like to try out PRO or ENT site, follow the below procedure.

Cancel the Free License

Go to the license tab and use the cancel button to cancel current license.

Activate the site again with with PRO/ENT trial

Now use the activate button to activate the site, this time choose PRO or ENT as the site type. If you are eligible for Trial, you should see the option as 15 Day Free Trial

In next screen you can checkout without having to pay

What if you can't see the Trial Option

Trial is only available new  user accounts. If you had never tried Spotipo before and still can't see the Trial option, please contact the support via [email protected]



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