Integrations are available only for PRO/ENT sites

Setting up your API user

Follow instructions available here and create an API user and credentials on dotdigital Engagement Cloud.

Configuring automatic data export to dotmailer

Go to the Site you want to configure data export for by clicking on the Site drop down menu in top right corner.

Once in site go to Settings by clicking the tab on left, and move to Exports section.Select Export to dotdigital.

Now click the Config button to open Dotdigital settings, configure each field as below. Don’t forget to Save the settings once you are done.


This can be found by following intructions here. It is to this url api requests are sent. Value will look something like


The username (email address) is automatically generated for you when an API user is created.


It is the password of API user that is newly created. Not the account password for Dotdigital.


The opt-in type of the contact.

Select value from dropdown. Values can be 'Unknown', 'Single', 'Double' or 'VerifiedDouble'.


The email type of the contact.

Select value from dropdown. Values can be 'PlainText' or 'Html'.

Data Template

This value is needed to be included within the request body to Dotdigial. Value is needed in the following syntax. Currently we are not supporting extra fields than the ones given here.

{ "email": "{{email}}", "optInType": "{{optintype}}", "emailType": "{{emailtype}}", "dataFields": [ { "key": "FIRSTNAME", "value": "{{firstname}}" }, { "key": "LASTNAME", "value": "{{lastname}}" }, { "key": "GENDER", "value": "{{gender}}" } ]}

Once all the configurations are saved, details of any new guest (firstname, lastname, email, gender)will be auto uploaded to Dotdigital.



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