Spotipo needs to be installed on a seperate server first. If not done already, install by following tutorial available here.

Ensure Spotipo Can reach Cloud Key

Spotipo needs to access Unifi Controller running on port 8443. Please ensure that spotipo server can reach CK. If your spotipo server is hosted on a cloud server and CK is running locally, it might involve opening a port and enabling port forwarding

Test spotipo's connection to Cloud Key

Run the following command on your spotipo server's SSH console and make sure it's getting executed properly

wget https://:8443 --no-check-certificate

Configure Cloud Key Detail on Spotipo

Go to Dashboard -> UniFi -> Unifi Management

Enter there details of your Cloud Key and press Save

Add a Unifi site in Spotipo

Add a new site in Spotipo using the option available in top right corner. Choose the site type as Unifi

**Activate Site**

Next step is to activate the site and choose a subscription. Please follow this.

**Select the Unifi Site**

After activation, go to the site and select the Settings tab.

There select the name of the Unifi site you want deploy hotspot  under Site ID

Configure Cloud Key

Login to CK's unifi controller interface and navigate to your site. Under Guest control, enable Guest Portal with external server.

Configure it with spotipo server details. Also make sure to configure Pre Authorization access

Next proceed to Wireless Networks tab and enable Guest Portal for the required SSID

Save And Test

Your Guest WiFi should be now ready, connect a Device to your network and test it out.



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