If not done already, install spotipo on your sever by following tutorial available here.

Make sure your spotipo server can accepted UDP traffic on ports 1812 and 1813

Add a Site

Each location is represented by a Site. A site can have multiple routers (of the same type)

After adding the client add a new site by clicking on the button in the drop down menu on top right.

Select the client you have just created, Site type as Meraki and configure the correct timezone and Save

Get MAC of Accesspoint from Meraki Dashboard

If you have a number of APs in your site, use our Import Tool to easily add all the APs.

Login to Meraki dashboard by going to https://account.meraki.com/login/dashboard_login

Select your network, then go to and click on the required access point.

From access point details note down Public IP/External IP

Add a Meraki Access point to Spotipo

Go the site you have created in step 2. You can navigate to the site from drop down menu on upper right corner.

From toolbar tab select .

Create a new Access point for configuring your Meraki network.

Once added, remember to note down the details created by spotipo for your access point.

Enable a Custom-Hosted Splash page on the Meraki Cloud

Go back to meraki dashboard again and select your network, then navigate to

Select the SSID you want to configure from the SSID drop-down.

Save Changes.

Configure Access Control

Go to

In Splash section, enable sign-on with ‘my RADIUS Server’.

Add following domains to walled garden.


Save and Wait

Remember to press Save so that all the settings will be saved in the cloud. Please wait for 1-2 minutes for those settings to be active on the AP.

If everything is configured properly, you should be able to see Spotipo landing page when connecting to Guest WiFi network.



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