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Aruba Mobility Controller Configuration
Aruba Mobility Controller Configuration
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Add a Site

A Site represents each location. A site can have multiple routers (of the same type)

After adding the client adds a new site by clicking on the _Add New Site_ button in the drop-down menu on the top right.

Select the client you have just created, Site type as Aruba Mbc and configure the correct timezone and Save

Find the MAC address of your controller

Find the MAC address of controller’s loopback interface by going to NETWORK->Controller.

Add Controller AP to your Site

Navigate to the site you have just created using drop down menu.

Once in site, go to Controllers tab available on left corner.

Add the MAC address you found in the last step. Use your loopback interface’s IP.

Note down NAS ID and secret.

Run the Wizard

Start by going to Campus Lan tab on the left.

Provide the SSID for this wireless network.

Set the forwarding mode as per your network configuration.

Set VLAN and radio to be used for Guest WiFi.

Set the Wireless type as Guest.

Select authentication type as Captive portal.

Leave captive portal options unchanged.

Add a new authentication server. Use the FQDN of your spotipo server as the IP address.

Also configure the secret info from spotipo site.

Note down the used Pre authentication role and authentication role.

Configure Firewall to allow acccess to Hotspot portal

Add a new statefull firewall rule.

Add the IP of your Spotipo server here so that guest will be able to access captive portal without logging in.

Also add domains/IPs of all the social logins you will be using.

Configure L3 authentication options

Go to L3 authentication tab and find the profile that was created via Wizard.

Select the configuration items as provided in the screnshots.

Add the URL to which Guest needs to be redirected after logging in.

Configure Radius Server

You can go to Radius server configuration created by the Wizard.Set the below configurations.


If you now connect a device to newly created Guest WiFi network, it should be showing the Hotspot portal.

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