Payment Login


Create a Client and corresponding site by following steps corresponding to your router before following this tutorial.

Enable Payment Login

Select Payment Login in Authentication methods and remember to press Finish

Configure Payment Login Fields

Press the config button to configure the fields asked from guest while logging in.

Configure Payment Gateway

Configure details of the payment gateway to be used in the next tab. Currently Spotipo supports Stripe and Paypal Pro.

Do Save the settings after finishing configuration.


First create a stripe account and get private key for the same. Use the Stripe option to configure Spotipo.

Paypal PRO

First create a (Paypal PRO)[] account and note the relevent details for the same. Use the Paypal PRO option to configure Spotipo.

Create packages

Spotipo support packages that can be customized for duration/speed/number of devices and amount.

Two kinds of packages are available, Free( Or Trial) packages and Paid packages.

Free packages allows to offer a Trial period to Guests or a lower speed option. Free packages can be restricted to be used Once in 1/6/12/24Hrs.

Paid packages allows collecting payments from Guests via Credit card processing.

To add a package go to Payment -> Packages

Test and Deploy

You should be now ready to test your payment gated WiFi network. Go to Landing Page option in left navigation bar and use Demo button to test your landing page.

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