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HTTP Endpint

Do replace
with your spotipo server IP/domain name and SPOTIPOSITEKEY with your sitekey

POST Parameters

username  Required Specifies a unique username for new guest user.
password Required Specifies a password for new guest user.
duration_val Required Specifies how long the user credentials should be valid. duration_type Required value Specifies unit of value given for
duration_val. Possible values are “1” (for Minutes) “2” (for Hours) “3” (for Days) num_devices Required Maximum number of devices to be allowed.
notes Optional Provide notes if any.
bytes_t Optional Data in  Mb to be allowed for each user.
bytes_type Optional Possible values are 1('Total') 2('Daily') 3('Weekly') 4('Monthly')
speed_dl Optional Maximum download speed to be allowed.
speed_ul Optional Maximum upload speed to be allowed. 

Example Request:

Create a new user who will have 2 hours of access for 4 devices on a site with siteid 2.

Spotipo server is hosted on

curl -X POST \ \
  -H 'Authentication-Token: 4570dc63-0af6-47c4-bccd-d61c3a84b3c4' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -d '{  
    "username": "newuse1ree",
    "password": "newuserpassword",
    "duration_type": "2",
    "num_devices": "10",
    "speed_dl": "7300",
    "speed_ul": "21",
    "notes": "2",
    "bytes_t": "100",
    "bytes_type": 2

Example Response
  "data": {
    "user": "41efr11ghgdfgfdfsdfsf34"
  "msg": "Successfully added guestuser",
  "status": 1

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