Ruckus Zone Director

If not done already, install spotipo on your sever by following tutorial available here.

Make sure you have enabled ports 1812 and 1813 in your firewall for UDP traffic.

Add a Site

Each location is represented by a Site. A site can have multiple routers (of the same type)

After adding the client add a new site by clicking on the Add New Site button in the drop down menu on top right.

Select the client you have just created, Site type as Ruckus ZD and configure the correct timezone and Save

Identify the MAC address of your Zone Controller

Note down the MAC address of your controller by going to Monitor->System Info

Add Ruckus ZD details to your spotipo site

Go the site you have created in step 2. You can navigate to the site from drop down menu on upper right corner.

From toolbar tab select Ruckus Zd option.

Press the New ZD button and add the details of your Zone Controller.

Make sure to add the external IP of ZD here.

Get secret and location ID of your ZD

Ater adding a ZD to spotipo, it will generate two pieces of information. Raidus secret and location Id, please note them down.

Configure AAA servers

Login to your Zone director web GUI and go to AAA servers under Configure.

Press the Add New button, and enter below details to create a Radius server.

Press the Add New again, and create a radius accounting server.

Add Hotspot Service

Go to Configure -> Hotspot Services and use the Create New button to add a hotspot service.

Select WISPr Smart Client Support as None

Enter Login page as http://YOURSERVERIP/ruckus/guest/

Enter Start page as http://YOURSERVERIP/ruckus/postauth/

Also enable redirect to the following URL and enter the same

Do replace YOURSERVERIP with actual IP address of your spotipo instance.

Select authentication and accounting servers to the ones you created

In the Location Information section, add location id generated by spotipo

In walled garden, add the IP of your spotipo instance so that its white listed for Guest.

Enable WLAN with hotspot service

Go to Configure->WLAN from the list of WLANs, edit the one you wish to enable Hotspot on.

Keep type as Hotspot Service and Select the Hotspot Service you have created.

Change CLI settings

Unfortunately ZD GUI doesn’t allow to change all settings, you will need to SSH in to the Ruckus ZoneDirector, which is done by entering the following:

ssh [email protected]_IP

Replace DEVICE_IP with the IP of your zone director, and login with your username and password that you used to log into the ZoneDirector. Once you have established an SSH connection, enter the commands below, one by one:

Remember to replace YOURWLANESSID with ESSID of your guest WLAN

called-station-id-type ap-mac
nasid-type mac-addr
Connect to your Guest WiFi and test

If everything is configured properly, you should be able to see Spotipo landing page when connecting to Guest WiFi network

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