Custom Landing Page Templates

Custom landing templates are supported only on PRO/ENT versions.

Spotipo provides a default guest landing page which is suitable for most use cases. However if you want to add further customization, you can create your own templates. 

Pro/Enterprise version of  Spotipo supports multiple landing page templates. 

Don’t change the default templates as installing a new version will override the changes.

Create a new template

Guest landing page templates are stored under ‘/usr/share/nginx/spotipo/unifispot/templates/guest’ . Create a copy of ‘default’ template with another name say ‘newtemplate’ and restart the application. You should now be able to select this new template from  Site Settings

cp -r /usr/share/nginx/spotipo/unifispot/templates/guest/default /usr/share/nginx/spotipo/unifispot/templates/guest/newtemplate

Modify new template to match your design

After creating new template files, you will need to modify the desired files to match your design.

Spotipo uses Jinja2 as the template engine for all template files. Have a look at the documentation to see all the options supported. 

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