Login with Third Party OAuth2 Services

Third Party OAuth2 Services Login is to help guest login with any platform that supports OAuth2 .

Assign a domain name to the spotipo server

Spotipo must be hosted on a server accessible via domain name.

Guest must be redirected to landing page using domain name (FQDN) not via IP address.

Pre-Authorize Third Party OAuth2 Services IPs

Guest must be able to access Third Party OAuth2 Services without logging in for Third Party OAuth2 Services-login to work.

Please add IPs to the Pre-Authorized list in Unifi controller of the Third Party OAuth2 Services.

Configure with Third Party OAuth2 Services Login

Please provide the details in App Settings.

For eg: GitHub supports OAuth2, so we can login with Third Party OAuth2 Services via GitHub.

The details that are required are Client ID,Client Secret, Api Base Url, Account Token Url, Authorize Url, Account Url and Scope.

Client ID and Client Secret could be obtained from here.

Click on the Urls below to get the default Urls of GitHub

Api Base Url, Access Token Url, Authorize Url. Account Url and for Scope guest can set user : email .

In Generic Data panel provide the details, that guest get from the JSON file,

ie; if in JSON file the id is described as ID/Id/id that should be provided in the field .

If any field is not present, then leave it empty.

After filling in the fields save the changes and click the finish button.


  • Login into GitHub using Third Party OAuth2 Services.

  • Authorize your applicatuion.

  • You are logged in via GitHub.

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