Login with Google

Assign a domain name to the spotipo server

Spotipo must be hosted on a server accessible via domain name.

Guest must be redirected to landing page using domain name (FQDN) not via IP address.

Pre-Authorize Google IPs

Guest must be able to access Google without logging in for google-login to work.

Please add following IPs to the Pre-Authorized list in Unifi controller

Create a Google APIs Console project

Go to Google API Console and create a new project.

�Select and enable Google+ API
�Create Credentials for API

Select OAuth consent screen tab and give relevant details

Select OAuth client id from dropdown of ‘create credentials’ button.

Select Web application as application type

Client ID and Client secret will be shown on a popup upon creation of a client.

If you miss to note down the client id and secret, click on the client name to see credentials.

Note down client id and client secret. You need to provide these two while configuring Google Login in Spotipo.

Enable Google Login in Spotipo

Go to Settings-> Authentication Methods and enable Google Login. Make sure to configure Google client_id and client_secret correctly.

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