How to create an automated Email Campaign

This feature is available only on ENT sites.

Automated campaigns allow you to engage your guests with ease. Send them today's offer when they connect, wish them on their Birthday or bring them back by offering a voucher when they haven't visited for a while.

Pre Requisites

This article assumes the following pre requisites

  • Spotipo version > 3.4.19 installed and site is activated with ENT subscription
  • Have a proper email server configured and test email works
  • Spotipo server is hosted with a publicly accessible domain name and SSL
  • Domain name is configured inside Spotipo

Create a Campaign

Navigate to Campaigns tab in your site.

Use the New button and provide a name and end date for your campaign

Configure Campaign

You will be automatically taken to edit campaign screen. Fill in the settings for this campaign

  • Subject - Subject line for the email send to Guest
  • Sender Name - Sender name to be appear in Email
  • Sender Email - Email address from which campaigns will be send

Configure When Campaign will be triggered

Next configure when the campaign will be triggered. Following are the options available.

  • Connect : will be triggered when guest connects ( within ~ 15min )
  • Disconnect : will be triggered when system detects device is no longer connected ( within ~ 15min )
  • Inactive : A device is in active for 3 days
  • Birthday : On Guest's birthday

Optionally Choose a Template

We have a number of Email Templates available, choose from one if you would like.

Customize the Email with built-in editor

Save and send a Test Email

Preview the email by sending to your email.

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