Login with Twitter

Twitter login is available only on PRO/ENT sites

Create a Client and corresponding site by following steps corresponding to your router before following this tutorial.

Assign a domain name to the spotipo server

Spotipo must be hosted on a server accessible via domain name.

Guest must be redirected to landing page using domain name (FQDN) not via IP address.

Pre-Authorize twitter IPs

Guest must be able to access twitter without logging in for twitterlogin to work.

Please add following IPs to the Pre-Authorized list/Walled Garden

Create a twitter APP

Go to https://developer.twitter.com/content/developer-twitter/en.html and create a new APP by providing relevent details

Configure OAuth settings

Configure OAuth settings using the domain name (FQDN) of your server. Add below URLs, remember to replace with your domain name.

https://<your domain>/twitter/login/check/

Note down APP ID and APP secret

Now that you have succesfully created the twitter app , configure twitter login  in spotipo 

Enable Twitter Login in Spotipo

Go to Settings-> Authentication Methods and enable Twitter Login. Make sure to configure Twitter app ID and Secret correctly.

Enter the Client id and Client Secret  ie, the Api key and Api secret key  from your twitter app.

Save the details by clicking on the save button.

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